Farmington Valley Heart to Heart with Katie B: Episode 2: Featuring Deb Orosz From Roots Yoga and Nutrition.

What we eat is one of the most important factors when it comes to how we feel, and, in the stressful and uncertain times which we are living through currently, it’s more important than ever to take a look at what we are eating. Join Our host Katie B as she speaks with Deb Orosz, owner of Roots Yoga and Nutrition in Simsbury, CT and a Licensed and Board Certified Nutritionist, about food’s connection to physical and mental wellness, how to easily fit more vegetables into your diet, what to do if you are having trouble accessing meat, improve immunity and overall health, and more on this months episode of Heart to Heart.

We care about the individual listeners and our community! Please stay safe and remember to stay home, if you can, and wash your hands. We hope you are taking time everyday to reflect on your mental wellness. We are providing resources below that have been referenced or discussed in the podcast that may be useful.

Roots Yoga

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