Our Mission is to create a high quality, easy to access communication channel between residents of the Farmington Valley and Local Governments, Elected Officials, Community Organizations and Small Locally Owned Businesses to create more informed and better connected communities.  

Our Staff

Mike Knowles – Owner/Host

After moving to the region in 2013 Mike fell in love with the natural beauty and small town feel of the Farmington Valley region of Connecticut. Starting in 2019 Mike felt there was an opportunity to help government officials and local businesses communicate with residents through podcasts and from that idea the Farmington Valley Podcast Network was created. We hope we can serve as your trusted partner in delivering timely and important information and updates in regards to local and state governments, small and locally owned businesses as well as local area events. 

Email us at michael@farmingtonvalleypodcast.com

Kieran – T-Rex/Poorly Designed Alarm Clock

A new edition In 2019 Kieran does his best to keep us constantly awake so we are always aware of the most up to date information and valley news. 

Remy – Head of Security

Remy takes her job as head of security very seriously. She is trained in several forms of Martial Arts. Also a sucker for affection and pets.


Macky– Lead Q/A Tester

Macky lives for quality assurance mostly on all snacks and food items in our office. he assures us that most meats, cheeses, and an occasional vegetable are delicious.

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